Coronavirus Update

Hello Parents and Patients,

We have missed you and we’re so excited to see you all again! Thank you for your patience and understanding during this pandemic. Our thoughts go out to any of you who may have been affected or have lost loved ones. Please know that we take your health and safety very seriously, so in the next few months, we will be implementing the following procedures:

  1. We request that patients/parents call us upon arrival and wait in their vehicle where they can be contacted by mobile phone when it is their turn to be seen.
  2. If possible, adult patients and teens are to enter the office alone. Only children may be accompanied by one adult. We ask everyone entering the office to wear a protective face covering (ie. bandana, homemade mask). For patients who come in on their own, we will advice them on what was done. We are happy to update the parent/guardian on the treatment progress as well by phone, upon request.
  3. Please fill out a supplemental AAOIC SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMED CONSENT form and a HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE regarding possible symptoms and COVID 19 exposure. We have sent out an email with the forms attached. If you did not receive the email, the forms are also posted on our website (click here). Kindly download and bring these to your appointment.
  4. Please brush your teeth prior to your appointment as the toothbrush station will NOT be available.
  5. Patients will have their temperature taken using a touchless thermometer; use hand sanitizer and will be asked to rinse with hydrogen peroxide, a preprocedural mouth rinse that will help to lower the number of germs and viruses in the mouth.
  6. Please schedule appointments over the phone while the patient or guardian/parent is in their car. We will no longer be printing appointment cards. Appointment reminders will be sent via email, text, and/or phone call 2 days prior to your appointment. Many of you already use one of these formats. If you would like to change your contact preferences or are not receiving reminders, please let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.
  7. We respectfully request that you reschedule your appointment if you or anyone in your family are not feeling well and/or have a fever.

You will also notice some changes in the office. We have installed sneeze guards in our reception area and indicated a 6 feet distance from the desk. We will take staff temperatures daily. Items that may be difficult to disinfect, such as magazines, reading material and refreshment stations have been removed. Hand sanitizer and soap are available for your use.

Bear with us as we try to get all patients scheduled. We will start with patients who had emergencies and need appliances checked. We will then call patients whose appointments were in March and go from there.

We continue to adhere to CDC and Ohio Dental board regulations, universal personal protection, and sterilization protocols. Furthermore, we will be disinfecting high touch areas more frequently.

We wish we could shake everyone’s hand, give hugs and catch up with you all when we welcome you back, but unfortunately, we can’t just yet. We will be welcoming you with big smiles, even if you can’t see them behind our masks. This has been a crazy time but together we will persevere through it. Looking forward to seeing you!

Warmest regards,

Lucy DeGuzman and Team

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